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Croatia! And Jen, the nerdy researcher…

As we all officially embark into the summer season, my excitement continues to grow over my two upcoming trips!  (You all already know that – hahaha!)  But I thought I’d go a little more in depth about my 2nd summer ... [Read more]

Trip to Croatia – Part Two

When we pulled into Rijeka, Miloš was there waiting for me at the train station, and his mom drove us to the apartment we would be staying in during my visit.  It was a cute little studio apartment a block ... [Read more]

Trip to Croatia – Part One – Getting there….

For my overnight train journey to Croatia (to visit Milos), I was going to have to take several trains.  I first grabbed the 8:40pm train out of the Westbahnhof in Vienna to Salzburg.  There was a later train, but I ... [Read more]

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