I work part-time as a Disney specialist, helping people book the most perfect Disney trips. If you book your trip through me, my services are completely free to you, AND there is no price markup from Disney. However, I do not help people plan trips to Europe at this time.

I’ve been all over Europe, but my past and ongoing experience focuses on:

  • Croatia (I live here when I’m not on a cruise or in the U.S.)
  • Austria
  • Germany
  • Hungary (especially Budapest)
  • Disney World (a life-long obsession!)

Out of respect to my employer’s privacy, I choose to keep that information off my site. However, I have worked for the same company since 2016 and worked for another company before that – which is why I have TONS of river cruise and location experience!

It’s a great story! Please visit my A Love Story page for all the details.

Sorry, but we are not accepting guest posts at this time. Please check back, though!

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