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Today Along the Rhine River

Hi everyone! I’m currently training a new tour. (An established tour, but new to me.)  This is one that Miloš has already been trained on and started working, and once I have it under my belt, we’ll get to work ... [Read more]

Rothenburg, Germany

I recently had the opportunity to go along with the afternoon excursion group to Rothenburg, Germany.  (Just a little pronunciation reminder: there is no “th” sound in the German language, so the town’s name is pronounced Roh-Ten-Burg.) Milos had been ... [Read more]

Passau, Germany

Usually, we only get a couple of hours in this lovely little city, but recently due to the low water levels on the rivers in this area, we had more opportunities to explore and get to know the wonderful city ... [Read more]

Bamberg, Germany

This time it was Miloš’ turn to head out and do some exploring, while I stayed back on the ship at the desk.  The day’s destination: Bamberg, Germany!  (From two days ago – alas, we were without internet for a ... [Read more]

Miltenberg, Germany

Today, we had a short stop in the afternoon in Miltenberg, Germany.  It worked out with my schedule that I was able to go into town and explore.  I only had an hour and a half, so my time was ... [Read more]

Speyer, Germany

Just a quick little post, as we’re about to sail and lose internet.  Today we were docked near the little town of Speyer, Germany.  I had about an hour and a half of my break to explore before having to ... [Read more]

Short trip to Cologne, Germany

Ah yes, the ubiquitous train-ride blog entry by yours truly.  What can I say, it keeps me occupied during these long stretches of travel. And this one, dear readers, is a tough ride to say the least. I was lucky ... [Read more]

Audition number one – trip to Germany

Okay…. so the good news is that I was able to sing my audition early!  And I am writing this from the last train to Vienna!  This train is QUITE full – even in first class, and I was afraid ... [Read more]

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