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Tiger the cat

Adopt, Don’t Shop – Help an animal in need!

Hello dear readers! I’m coming to you today while enjoying some much deserved time off in the middle of the tour season.  I’m home (Croatia home) getting in some quality time with our cat, Tiger.   Tiger is our rescue ... [Read more]

Looking forward to a better year: 2019

  Hello dear readers, Oh my, how time has flown in 2018.  I sit here on New Year’s Eve, a time with so much meaning and importance throughout all countries and cultures.  A time to think ahead to renewal and ... [Read more]

Dealing with Life’s Big Disappointments

Hello there, dear readers.  I know it’s been awhile since I’ve written.  Please forgive me. I have very little free time, and when I do, I usually work on something for our Youtube Travel Channel. (Feel free to CLICK HERE ... [Read more]

The View From Above

Yesterday, we flew back to the States for a work seminar, which starts tomorrow.  Fortunately, we were able go back a day early so I could grab my car from Pennsylvania; to be able to drive it up to Connecticut ... [Read more]

Please subscribe to our Youtube Channel!

Hi Dear Readers!   First, I’d like to apologize for not writing as much lately.  Time has gotten away from us!  Also, in 2017, we found a new outlet to show all the great places we travel: Youtube! We thought ... [Read more]

Home in PA – Scenes From a Winter’s Day

Caroling season is over, we took our annual Disney trip, and it’s almost time to head back to Europe.  It always feels like the time flies by way too quickly.  Perhaps it’s always going to be that way when I’m ... [Read more]

In memory of a wonderful teacher… Dr. David Sprenkle

  (I’m waiting to publish this post until an official obituary is released, as I don’t want to put anything out there before the family does…  And the obituary is now posted. CLICK HERE to read.)   I just found ... [Read more]

Adventures in Kindness

  Yesterday, I encountered another series of delayed flights in my efforts to get home between tours for some much-needed rest and relaxation.  (The way airlines are scheduling flights nowadays with hardly ANY layover time is ridiculous, but that’s a ... [Read more]

My NEW Youtube Travel Channel!

Hi there everyone!   I’m super excited to announce that I’ve created a brand new Youtube channel dedicated to all my travels and adventures.  I’ll keep posting new videos from all over and everywhere, so I hope that you’ll subscribe ... [Read more]

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