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  • Which rides to prioritize in each park for you and your family?
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  • How to get on the rides that require virtual queue?
  • How to get your Individual Lightning Lanes?
  • Which resort and resort level is best for your family and budget?
  • When you need to make your dining reservations?
  • Which restaurants have the best character dining?
  • Which restaurants have the best ambience and menus?

If any of these questions make your head spin, I can help you! I have been a Disney specialist for the past 15 years. I share all my knowledge and experience so that you can travel stress-free!

If you book your trip through me, my services are completely free to you, AND there is no price markup from Disney. Booking through me helps YOU get all the inside info, plus my 40 years of Disney trip experience! I can help you:

  • Pick out the best resort for you and your family – and I can book it for you too.
  • Make reservations at the best restaurants for you, and which character meals to book, based on your personal likes and dislikes.
  • Pick out the rides you’ll love and which ones to skip.
  • Make the best of the Genie and Genie+ systems.
  • Get into the virtual queues for the rides that require it.
  • Learn which rides need Individual Lightning Lanes (and which ones are actually worth it).
  • Navigate the Disney transportation system for getting around from resort to park, park to park, and resort to resort.
  • Create specialized Disney trips, including hotels, restaurants, and activities, for alternative vacations like girls’ getaway weekend, larger family reunions, couples’ vacations, and more.

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Here’s how my Disney obsession began…

I started visiting Disney World when I was just a little girl in the mid-1980’s.

I immediately fell in love with the fantasy and theatre of it all! I still remember that night in the Magic Kingdom – watching the fireworks above Cinderella Castle – When You Wish Upon a Star was playing through the air…

That first trip was followed by many more…lots of childhood trips with my grandparents, school trips – including the band trip where we actually marched in the parade down Main Street USA (so awesome!) – and many subsequent trips throughout my life.

Jen and Amy in Magic Kingdom, Disney World
Jen and her sister at Disney in the 1980s
Jen, Jennica, and Sarah with Minnie Mouse, Disney World, 1993
Jen with friends during her high school band’s Disney World performance trip

I think back to how much of my adult self has been shaped by those trips early in my life. I remember the excitement I felt when my grandfather let me help with the planning. I memorized the maps of the parks even back then and knew where everything was. I think about my grandfather every time I go, and know how much he would enjoy it if he were still around today…

A lifetime of Disney World trips means that I know Disney inside and out. I can tell you about every park, ride, restaurant, resort, and activity. Every trip back to Disney is like going to my second home!

Mickey's Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom
Mickey’s Not So Scary Halloween Party at the Magic Kingdom
Jen and Milos in front of Cinderella Castle in Disney World
Jen and Milos in the Magic Kingdom

Now, I get to help other people create wonderful experiences and memories as a travel agent! What can I say: next to singing and travel, it’s my absolute dream job!  

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