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My Newest Adventure!

Hello dear readers! I thought I’d post a quick little update on my newest adventure…. working on the ship with Miloš! The season has only started and we are very busy, but I’ll have some more free time soon.  And ... [Read more]

Over 55,000 views!

So, I’m kind of excited… My blog now has over 55,000 views! Super cool! 🙂   I continue to hope that this little blog of mine can be a great source of information, as I do truly enjoy writing it. Thanks ... [Read more]


Happy belated Valentine’s Day everyone!   Well, my Facebook friends are already well aware of our big announcement from this past Friday…  Miloš and I got engaged! Friday the 13th is a lucky day after all! 🙂   I can’t ... [Read more]

Old Journals, memories, and soul mates…

Last night before bed, I found my old journal when I was cleaning out one of my dresser drawers.  It was a gift from dear friends three years ago before I headed overseas for that first long trip abroad.  It ... [Read more]

Hanging out in limbo and my daily life

Hello everyone!  Well, the performing part of caroling season might be done, but the administrative work continues.  Having to do lots of stuff with numbers (I was never great at math), and also trying to do as much prep for ... [Read more]

A Year in Photos

Those of you who are our friends on Facebook have probably seen photos of Miloš and I in Stephansplatz in Vienna.  (The big open area near Stephansdom – aka “St. Stephen’s Cathedral” in English.)  We snapped a pic there on ... [Read more]

What I’ve learned about love…

What I’ve learned about love and relationships. I have to admit, I’ve seen a few blogs lately about this very topic.  When they pop up on my Facebook newsfeed, I read them with interest, noting that there’s some stuff I ... [Read more]

Oh the places we will go… (And have been!)

One of the things that Miloš and I truly have in common is a passion for travel.  We are adventurers who love to explore!  And the more years we spend together, the more places we go!  We also love to ... [Read more]

Happy Birthday to my Miloš!

HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO MILOŠ! Today (October 7th) is Miloš’ birthday!  I thought I’d celebrate the life of my amazing man here on my blog, since we can’t be together today for his special day. (His ship is currently on it’s ... [Read more]

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