Another cultural difference – Nail Salons!

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So I thought I’d write a super quick post about another big difference between the States and Europe – nail salons.


In the USA, gel manicures are HUGE.  I’m a big fan, as they last for weeks without chipping and keep your nails stronger.  (For those not in-the-know, the gel polish is brushed on like regular polish, but you then put your hand under a UV light and it sets and dries the polish in seconds.  And that polish isn’t going ANY where for a long time.)

Anyway, also in the US, there are nail salons every where.  Most of the salons do gel polish and if anything happens to your nails (a break, tear, etc) you just go to any salon and they fix it for you.  Period.   Done.


Well so far my experience in Europe is NO gel polish, and no one fixes your nails if they break.  Before leaving the States, I got a gel french manicure so that it can grow out without being obvious.  Well, wouldn’t you know, I get a tear in one of my nails just when I got to Vienna.  And of course it’s catching on every thing and only getting worse.  I go to the nail salon nearest here, and they tell me they don’t fix nails, but I could buy some nail glue at Bipa (think European CVS.)  So I had my first foray into using nail glue on my own nail.  Not the prettiest results, but at least my nail isn’t going to come ripping off.  (I’ve also had NO luck getting torn nails repaired when I’ve been in Croatia.)


Anyway, just thought I’d bring up this little observation.  If you’re traveling in Europe, don’t expect to get a gel polish  manicure at the nail salons, and DON’T break your nail, or you’re stuck experimenting on your own with nail glue!

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    • I believe Shelac is one of the brands of the gel polish. So you guys have that in the UK? Plus – my goal is to get up and visit you now that I can stay in Europe longer! 🙂


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