Audition Number Two – here in Vienna……

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Well, today I had my second European audition so far.  This one was for an agency – Maloberti Music Management.  The audition was here in Vienna, so there was no complicated travel involved.  I just hopped on the UBahn and was there in no time.  The audition took place in a medium sized performance hall in the upstairs of a piano gallery.  I had taken my standard arias, but was asked to bring some early music if I had it.

I started with “Chacun le sait” from La Fille du Régiment by Donizetti.  This is a fun aria, since you can really be spunky and has lots of opportunity for some fun acting.  I was sure he’d ask for one of the baroque pieces next, but he asked for my Queen of the Night aria (O zittre nicht.)  Overall, I felt good about both, and he was very complimentary.  He walked me back downstairs and asked me to wait, as he still had another singer to hear.  The one thing that he said right away was how good my acting was – he was VERY impressed.  He said too many opera singers just want to stand and sing, but my acting was wonderful throughout both pieces.  (Yay!)

I waited in the piano gallery room downstairs with the two other singers that had gone before me.  (A bass and a countertenor.)  I found out that apparently this agency is known for baroque music especially, which is super cool and very intriguing to me, as I LOVE early music.  After the last singer sang, he took us aside one by one to speak with us.  When it was my turn, he was super complimentary, and again praised my acting abilities.  He said he would like to work with me and if any auditions came up with theatres needing my voice type, he would definitely send me.  He said the Marie in Regiment was just perfect for me – that kind of role is what I should be doing.  He thought maybe not the Queen yet.  (I guess I just read too ingenue still – go figure!  But seriously, that’s okay.)

He wants me to put together a CD of my oratorio stuff and get it to him as soon as I can.  I also reminded him that I was heading back to the States in April, but that if there was work, I would be fine with coming back to Europe long term.  So we shall see!  The point is, it felt great to have the support and backing from someone in the business who can get you into auditions you might not be able to get yourself.

So now what?  I wait.  That’s how it works. This was step number one – get an agent who wants to promote me.  Then as auditions come up (hopefully in the next few weeks while I’m still here) he will send me to those auditions for specific theatres.  But I’m just riding my post-audition high right now.  Let me rephrase that – my post fabulous audition high!  Wooo hooo!

Cross your fingers everyone that some auditions come up before I leave!!!!! 🙂

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