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Well, the day has FINALLY come for me to fly to Croatia!  I am SO excited.  It’s only been a few days since I got home from Disney, and those days have been quite busy indeed.


I will be doing a Trip Report (TR) on the disboards with all the wonderful details of my Disney trip, including all the amazing meals we had.  (But I won’t get to start it until I get back from Croatia.)  I also want to write a blog post on my overall observations of what it was like to go to Disney with not only a larger group, but a group with young children along.  Aunt Jen had some new experiences for sure!


I’ll be posting about my Croatia trip here too, including pics of some of the places we’ll be visiting on our wonderful adventures!  I just checked the 10 day forecast and it looks like it will be sunny and in the low to mid 90’s the whole time.  At least it looks like their humidity is lower than what I’m used to in the summer!


But there’s lots to do this morning before I leave for the airport in the early afternoon, so I best be on my way.  See you in Croatia!



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Jennifer was initially drawn to Europe for two reasons: music and love.  She lived in Vienna for four years, and now calls Croatia home for much of each year, as she married a native Croatian. Since 2015, Jennifer has worked as a tour director and cruise director on European river cruises for a major American travel company, and has become an expert in all of the cities along her routes on the Danube, Rhine, and Main Rivers. She also has traveled to Disney World almost every year since 1985, and knows Disney World inside and out. As a travel agent, Disney World is her primary specialty, and she has helped many Disney newbies and veterans have amazing trips with her insider information.

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  1. Safe journey, Jen. Sometime I’d like to check in wit h you about Amtrak tours….when you get back, of course! Have a great time, and I can’t help this… careful. :0)


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