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While Miloš and I were staying in Split, we decided to take a day trip outside the city to have some really good beach time.  We thought about maybe going to an island, but we had already talked about possibly going to Brela while we were in Makarska, and we never got around to doing it.  So we decided to head to Brela this time.  We were in Split from Wednesday to Sunday, so Friday became our Brela day.

We purchased our bus tickets the day before and we were set to go.

Brela is a well known little town in the region and has 8 kilometers of beautiful beaches.  Once we got there, we actually met another couple that had been on the bus with us and we arranged to meet them that evening at 7pm and possibly share a cab back to Split.  (The woman at the pharmacy suggested a cab might be cheaper if shared with others.  Oh yeah, we had to go to the pharmacy to look into things I could take for the sinus infection I’d been dealing with for over a week at that point.  I picked the nasty little bug up at the end of the river cruise – both my parents had it, and it later spread to my cousin and her husband.  It was a real doozy.  I literally spent two of my three weeks with Miloš dealing with that sinus mess.)

Also – there are several bus stops that are considered to be part of “Brela” so we had no idea where to get off the bus at first.  Miloš went and asked the bus driver a few times.  (But that bus driver dude was NOT a happy camper that day, and he didn’t seem to mind taking out his grumpiness on those around him.)  Anyway, when we did get off the bus, it was quite the little trek down to the town itself.  Literally down – we had a bit of a steep road to take us to town, followed by some steps as well.

Our next stop was a quick meal.  We picked one of the restaurants on the main street in town because we were both really hungry.  (Although we later saw lots of other great places along the beach that we wish we had been able to try.)   After we finished eating, Miloš called every cab service listed in town only to find out it would NOT be cheaper to take a cab.  Oh well.  At least we tried.

Lunch was over – it was time to swim!

We decided to walk along the beach, heading northwest along the coastline.  There were so many little coves, nooks, tiny rocky islands, cozy little beach stretches.  Brela is really that gorgeous.  I’d almost be tempted to stay there overnight a few days just to have a really chill part of vacation.  Who knows – we shall see.

Brela Beach
Brela Beach

We eventually came to a stretch of beach that looked nice, and after getting some frozen Snickers ice cream bars and some mineral water, we laid our towels down and headed into the sea.


We had a really lovely afternoon.  The weather was wonderful, and water was perfect, and as always, the company was the best part of it all.  🙂

Eventually it was time to pack up and head back to our meeting place.  We had hiked along the beach quite a bit, and we wanted to have plenty of time for a leisurely stroll back.  (Plus we stopped for some Palacinke (crepes) on the way as well.)

We took a bunch of pictures along the stroll back….






(I love this pic!)
(I love this pic!)


We got back in time to buy some cough medicine at the pharmacy for me.  Nasty disgusting horrible cough medicine.  (Seriously, it was a bit frustrating not being able to find a simple decongestant and a cough suppressant anywhere in Croatia!)

It was then time to meet up with that other couple.  We were all right on time, and as we walked back to the bus stop, we got to now each other a bit better.  They were an American couple on their honeymoon, hitting lots of great destinations around Croatia.  Where they live back in the States is actually not too terribly far away from me – they are in the NYC area.  They also gave us a good restaurant recommendation that we ended up trying out ourselves the next night.

Overall, we had a great day in Brela.  I would go back again in a hearbeat.  Maybe we’ll check it out for next summer if we go back to that region on vacation again.  🙂

The sun making its descent in the sky at the end of a lovely day.

Until next time!

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