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So for the heck of it, I thought I’d get out my carry-on bags and see how much I can fit into them.  To get an idea for just how much they can hold.  As I said in a previous posting, I will be traveling on both my summer trips (Disney and Croatia) with just carry-on bags.


Holy cow!  This is going to be harder than I thought.  Big time.  I did mention that I tend to be an over-packer.  I usually take a big full size suitcase on a week’s trip.  But that is not an option this time around.  And the Croatia trip is for about a week and a half.  A week and a half in just a carry on bag.  Perhaps I’ll have to wear my pretty platform sandals on the plane so that I don’t need room for them in my bag…. I really don’t see what other option I have.  That way I can get my favorite brown Reef flip flops easily into the carry on.  Or perhaps I should wear several layers of tank tops on the plane, as one of my good friends suggested.  Hmm…. that could work actually.  (Tank top layering is a trendy thing right now…)


I will let you know how it goes when we get closer, but it WILL be a challenge.  Rest assured, I’ll be showing off my fun cute outfits from both trips here on my blog and on FB.  (Plus, I plan to do my usual Disney Trip Report on the Disboards.)

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Jennifer was initially drawn to Europe for two reasons: music and love.  She lived in Vienna for four years, and now calls Croatia home for much of each year, as she married a native Croatian. Since 2015, Jennifer has worked as a tour director and cruise director on European river cruises for a major American travel company, and has become an expert in all of the cities along her routes on the Danube, Rhine, and Main Rivers. She also has traveled to Disney World almost every year since 1985, and knows Disney World inside and out. As a travel agent, Disney World is her primary specialty, and she has helped many Disney newbies and veterans have amazing trips with her insider information.

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