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So last night I found a bunch of old pictures at my parents’ house.  I had been showing my nieces Disney pics that I had on Facebook (and they were LOVING it) and then remembered that I had wanted to look for pics from our trips in the 1980’s.  Well, I had huge success.


I’m still processing some of them, but wanted to throw a few up here!


Jen and Amy at Magic Kingdom
Our first trip to Disney World - matching Epcot Tees for our Magic Kingdom visit!
Amy and Jen in Disney
My sister and I enjoying a Coke in Disney.
Epcot visit
With my sister, mom, and grandmother at Epcot.
Magic Kingdom 200
Not sure what the 200 is for - anyone know?
Minnie Mouse
Amy and I meet Minnie Mouse.


More to come when I get them scanned into the computer!

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3 thoughts on “Disney pics – old school!”

  1. Hey, Jen, I can respond to you here! (Unlike Facebook, LOL)

    My guess is that the “200” might be for the Constitution’s 200th anniversary. Going by your appearance (and what you look like in photos I have from 6th grade!), it looks like the pic could be from 1987. Were you down there that year?

    Either that, or Mickey Mouse is WAY older than we thought! 🙂


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