Dürnstein, Austria

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So far this season, we’ve made a couple stops in the little Austrian town of Dürnstein, located right along the side of the Danube River. It’s beautifully picturesque and offers some fantastic vistas. On one of our stops, I hiked up to the old castle ruins, located on the hillside up above the town. From this vantage point, you can get some truly wonderful views of the surrounding countryside and the village below. There are two ways up – the easier way and the challenging way. (The easier way involves a road that takes you up the incline gradually, while the more challenging way takes you up the ancient staircase that was built into the hillside in days long gone by.)


In the village, you can purchase some of the local specialties, including wine, spirits (try the apricot liqueur), and candies. The area is especially known for its wines.


Here are some photos of Dürnstein – from my hiking day, and from some of the times we’ve simply just sailed past it. Enjoy!

(Edited to add some new photos from today in Dürnstein!)



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  1. Really enjoy reading your blog about living in Europe. I have also read your trip reports on Disboards(a Princess and a Croatian). Hope you post another when you and Milos return to WDW. Congrats on your upcoming marriage.

    • Thanks so much Robert! I’m actually finally working on getting a trip report together from when Milos and I were in Disney this past November. Haha! It’s taking a little longer than I expected, but it’s always quite the undertaking putting one together. (Although, crazy me actually really enjoys it!) Hoping to have it up and posted before THIS November’s trip! 😉


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