Happy Birthday, Milos!

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Today’s the day! Another year has gone by and it’s Milos’ birthday again! As usual, I put some time and effort into creating a special photo to post on his FB wall. I started the tradition in 2012 – when we were in our first year of being a couple. (To see previous years’ versions, just scroll down a little further in this post.)

At first, I wasn’t sure what kind of original idea I could come up with this year, but it suddenly hit me out of the blue…

Here we are working on a ship that is sailing through all these amazing cities, towns, and villages…. why not wish him happy birthday from “all around the world”? (Or at least a smaller condensed version of “the world.”)

I decided I would make signs that spelled out “Happy Birthday Milos” and take photos of myself holding the signs in all kinds of interesting destinations.

Sometimes I had to do my work “selfie-style,” as puzzled on-lookers wondered why on Earth I was taking so many selfies with the letter “M” in my hands. Other times, I had the help of kind strangers, or even guests from our own ship when it came to my special covert mission.

The final version was made up of photos from:
Bratislava, Slovakia – taken from the castle, with the iconic bridge in the back
Budapest, Hungary – taken from Fisherman’s Bastion with Parliament below
Würzburg, Germany – on the famous Old Main Bridge
Vienna, Austria – taken in Stephansplatz with the cathedral in the back
Regensburg, Germany – in front of the majestic cathedral
Miltenberg, Germany – in the middle of the town square
Rothenburg, Germany – at the famous Plönlein intersection
Weissenkirchen, Austria – taken during the Wachau Valley cycling excursion – about to embark on the ferry to cross the Danube


Here – have a look at the final result!





(As you can see, we’ve been in Germany a lot! Haha! By the time I remembered to take a pic in Amsterdam, it was too late, and we wouldn’t be back again. But it would have lent itself nicely to more variety as far as the countries being represented.)

I tried to pick places that were well-known popular destinations, or ones of special interest.

Of course, I also had photos that just didn’t work out – not because they weren’t in cool places, but because I knew the letters wouldn’t be legible once edited into one large photo.  (They were taken at distances too far for the letters too read within the context of the finished result.  Or some just didn’t line up right.  Or the lighting was off.)

All in all, I think it turned out to be a successful little birthday photo project! The biggest challenge will be coming up with something new and different each year.


Here are the pics from the last three years, followed by some of the “out-takes” that didn’t make it to this year’s photo.  Enjoy!


And the out-takes….



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