How do YOU countdown to wonderful things?

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Ah, here we are in the middle of May already (yay!) and I’ve been counting down to mid summer since, well, since I left Europe.  Actually let’s be honest, I’ve been counting down since I last saw Miloš just over a month ago in France.

We all have things in life that we look forward to.  It can be an upcoming trip, a new experience, seeing someone you are missing.  I know that for me, I really do love having things to look forward to.  Although I hate when the countdowns feel SOOOOO long.

On the Disney forums, you will often see people having “tickers” or countdown calendars in their posts.  A constant reminder that each passing day is a day closer to the next Disney trip.  (Yes, I have been one of those people on occasion!)  I tend to not like to focus on the number of days all the time, though.  That can make the long stretches feel even longer.  Some of you may recall last year that I was counting in fortnights.  (A fortnight is two weeks, for those not familiar with this more antiquated measurement of time.)    Or if I’m counting by months, I like to round down to the smaller amount of time whenever possible.  Regardless, I like to think of time in chunks, or go from one event to the next.  I find that thinking about time that way helps things move along faster, and the “destination date” feels even closer.  It also helps to think about all the time that has passed.  When Miloš and I were talking the other day, he reminded me that we already have one month down.  And once June 1st hits, I can totally tell him that I’ll see him next month!

Another thing I like to do is to just simply pretend that it’s closer than it is.  Or at least do things that make it FEEL closer.  Some of you may remember my fondness of picking out outfits for trips.  I freakin’ love it!  I already have a slew of dresses and other fun stuff set aside for my summer trip.  Seeing them hanging on my closet door reminds me that summer is not all that far away and soon I’ll be wearing this or that sexy summer dress to a nice dinner with my man.  Or wearing that casual sundress as we walk to the beach.  And, well, it just makes me smile!  Yay!  🙂

You all know what I’M counting down to – getting to spend Miloš’ vacation with him in sunny Croatia.  I can’t think of anything better than being in one of the most beautiful places in the world with the world’s handsomest man.  🙂

So what are you all counting down to?  Do you have any specific ways that you count down to special times and events?  I’d love to hear about them!

Countdown to the sun and the sea!
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Beautiful day, beautiful beach, beautiful company


One of my fave dresses that gets packed for every trip I take!


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