Last weekend of our US adventures.


The last few days Miloš was here flew by so fast.  Big shocker.  That Friday, we went to see  an afternoon showing of THE HOBBIT.  For those who don’t know me all that well: I am a SUPER FAN when it comes to anything Lord of the Rings related.  So I’d been counting down to the release of The Hobbit for most of the year.  I bought the tickets as soon as they were made available – November 7th.  Just ‘cause I’m a nerd like that.  It wasn’t like I was worried that they’d be sold out or anything, it was just my way to showing my super fan status, since I wasn’t going to be able to go to the first midnight showing because of the Rolling Stones concert.

The Hobbit was great.  I had heard that Peter Jackson was going to be incorporating a good deal of material from the appendix section of the Lord of the Rings books – and he did do that indeed.  I thought he did it well.

Then later that night, we went to a party at a friend’s house to have a bit of a casual celebration with my theatre family.

Saturday night was a gig for me.  Miloš stayed home with his foot up while I was out singing.  I think he might’ve hung out downstairs with my parents for a little while too.  Then Sunday was my performance at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem, with Mr. Musselman accompanying me on piano.  At this point, the bug I’d been struggling with was effecting my voice.  I could feel my voice leaving me on Saturday night and even more so on Sunday.  I did get through my gig though.  Miloš’ foot was so bad, that he used an air splint and a cane to be able to walk and come to see me sing Sunday.  (My mom’s a nurse, so we actually do have that kind of stuff laying around the house.)

As the day progressed, I lost more and more of my voice until I could barely phonate.  I was also starting with my off and on crying episodes since Miloš was going to be leaving the next day.  The rest of our trip wasn’t filled with adventures – just a lovely time  being together until we fell asleep on Sunday night.

The day he left is a bit of a blur.  I think we ran some errands or something like that?

Regardless, eventually 4:30pm arrived and we had to leave for the airport.  We hung out at the Chili’s restaurant there until he had to go through security.  I was upset, but we were focusing on the fact that it was only going to be five weeks until we saw each other again – when I’d be going to Croatia for two weeks.  After our stretches of months between visits, five weeks was going to be nothing.  (Although it did seem long, especially after seeing each other every day for almost a month.)  Fortunately time keeps chugging along, and the visit would be here before we knew it!  🙂

From my gig Saturday night: OTC's new act - Santa's Little Secret
From my gig Saturday night: OTC’s new act – Santa’s Little Secret
After singing at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem
After singing at Christkindlmarkt in Bethlehem
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