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I have a lot of stuff to do tonight to get ready for tomorrow’s flight, but I’m trying not to rush around like a crazy person, and just relax.  I was just catching a few rays outside, and now I will leisurely run some errands.  Why would I spend that extra valuable time sitting outside?  ‘Cause I need to calm my crazy stressed self down.  I’m trying not to be nervous about the big upcoming audition, but I’ll admit that it’s challenging me.  Just the getting ready has me stressed a bit.  EVERYTHING has to be done tonight: packing, printing up extra resumes, one more practice session, and figuring out my airport parking.  I already took care of a ton of other things after getting home from substitute teaching today.  (And the students were very understanding today when I was straight up honest about having to rest my voice for a big audition.  I needed them to be on their best behavior and keep the noise down – and they did – plus many were excited for me.)  🙂

Tomorrow I have two princess party gigs to work at.  I’m going to be Rapunzel in the morning, and Cinderella in the afternoon.  Then after that, it’s straight on to the airport.  (The 2nd gig is down near Philly, and I’m flying out of Philly.)  So I have to be out the door around 10:30am tomorrow – in full princess hair, makeup, and costume – ready for the gigs AND my trip.  No pressure.

I’ve kind of decided that the audition de-stress strategy I’m going to use is the “F–k It” one.  (I wrote about this technique a bit ago in another blog post.)  I seriously have to take the heavy pressure off of myself and stop worrying about being perfect, and rather think “F–k it!  I’m just going to have a fun time singing!”  It’s when you take that pressure off, that you’ll perform so much better.

So we’ll see.  My mantra will be relax and hydrate, relax and hydrate, relax and hydrate….



A HUGE thanks to the wonderful friends who chipped in to make this quick audition trip possible – you will get your own blog entry as a thank you!  Thank you for being angels on Earth!



My audition is Tuesday afternoon.  (So to my US friends – send me good vibes in the morning – because of the time difference!)

Of course you all know I’ll let you know how it goes.  (Duh.  You know me by now.)  🙂

On that thought, I think it’s time to run those errands and grab some dinner!


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