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With another weekend now passed, I thought I’d give some insight into more of what Vienna has to offer the night owls out there.

As I said in a previous post, I was joined by my very good friend Milos for a week (*edited to add that those who read my blog regularly know that he ended up becoming much more than just a good friend… as he’s now my awesome boyfriend, and the man I’m going to be spending the rest of my life with.  🙂 ), and we definitely needed to hit the town a few times during his stay.

I had continued my research into clubs and bars and had even done some asking around on a website forum for Ex-pats living in Vienna.  I visited a bunch of websites trying to get a feel of the different places.

Last Wednesday, we decided to check out a place called Gnadenlos – for two reasons – it had come recommended and it was a short walk from my apartment.  The place seems nice – there’s a small bar upstairs and downstairs is the club.  We first checked out the downstairs, but there was hardly anyone there.  And it was REALLY smoky.  So we went back up to the bar and chilled for a few hours drinking and talking.  We also got some recs from the bartender of other places to check out.  I feel that I can’t give a thorough review of this place based on my experience.  It was a weeknight and there was hardly anyone there.  But the basement club looked cool – like an old wine cellar in a castle or something.

Then on Saturday night, we decided to visit a club called U4.  Not only had the bartender at Gnadenlos recommended it, but a friend back home had said it was good too.  We had to take the UBahn all the way out near Schönbrunn, which is outside the city itself.  But it was going to be 80’s and 90’s night as far as the music went, and I was all up for that!  Once we got out of the UBahn stop, we didn’t know which way to go, but after asking, it turned out to be literally just down the block from the UBahn.  SO convenient.

This club was very roomy.  There was a section through a set of doors that was playing more traditional club/house music.  It seemed many of the younger club goers were headed in there.  Then there was a rather large section with a good sized bar and decent sized dance floor.  This is where the 80’s and 90’s music was playing.  We hung out at this bar for awhile drinking and dancing a little.  But eventually the music was too good to not get on the dance floor.  The selection of music was awesome.  (And yes, I even pulled out my running man move when MC Hammer came on – I’m not ashamed – haha!)

Overall, it was a great club and I would highly recommend it.  I know they have other music theme nights, but this one was just great!  And another plus side to this place – I never got too much of a smoky feel to it at all.

Sunday night, we headed to Die Fledermaus club.  It is conveniently located right in the center of the city – just off the Graben, not far from the cathedral.  The theme for the night was going to be rock music from the 60’s and 70’s, which was right up Milos’ alley, so I knew he’d like it.  We were not disappointed in this club at all.  It had a great vibe to it, and the music was great.  There were maybe a few classic rock songs that weren’t as big in the States that played, but otherwise, I knew every song.  The crowd was fun, and we had another great night out.  But a heads-up.  This place was very smoky.  My hair soaked it up and retained the smell until later the next day.

All in all, every experience gives me more insight and knowledge into this wonderful city!

Wednesday night's outfit for Gnadenlos
Wednesday night’s outfit for Gnadenlos
Jen and Milos looking stylish for U4 Saturday night!
Jen and Milos looking stylish for U4 Saturday night!
Showin' off my dance moves and U4!
Showin’ off my dance moves at U4!
Workin' the rocker chick look for Die Fledermaus
Workin’ the rocker chick look for Die Fledermaus
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