Olde Towne Carolers best year yet?


I’m using that question mark in the title because I don’t want to jinx the situation. I’m a big believer in the jinx, I have to say. It’s my only superstitious thing. (That and a bad dress rehearsal is good luck for opening night. My only other superstition – haha!)

Saying that, I’ve been really happily surprised at the amount of bookings I’m making already this early in the year for Olde Towne Carolers. In the past, we’ve had at most 2-4 gigs lined up by the summertime, and those were usually December weddings, as brides like to plan out far in advance. Most of our calls come in October and November.

But this year, we already have 15 gigs lined up for December already. And I haven’t even done our annual brochure mailing yet! Yeah…. I have to get on that…. time to address LOTS of envelopes! :-/

So I’m waiting to see what this year holds for the little business that I started. Who would’ve thought that on that random day in the summer of 2005 – when I was having lunch with my great friend Dan, who was giving me some ideas on how to get this started – that I’d be laying the ground for something that has reached this level.

Who would’ve known we’d eventually perform on national television, regional television, for Disney’s Train Tour, and for a big regional radio program? I sure never saw that coming!

But if you put something out there that’s really good – consistently good – and fill a niche for a service that people really want, good things come your way.

In the other parts of my musical life, I’m hoping that if I put that kind of work into getting my European audition tour together, that maybe – just maybe – more good things will come my way. All good things come from people giving something a try – going for something even with the chance of failure.

Just something to mull over in my mind at the end of a long exhausting week. I’m thinking I need to go address some envelopes now! Till next time! 🙂

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Jennifer was initially drawn to Europe for two reasons: music and love.  She lived in Vienna for four years, and now calls Croatia home for much of each year, as she married a native Croatian. Since 2015, Jennifer has worked as a tour director and cruise director on European river cruises for a major American travel company, and has become an expert in all of the cities along her routes on the Danube, Rhine, and Main Rivers. She also has traveled to Disney World almost every year since 1985, and knows Disney World inside and out. As a travel agent, Disney World is her primary specialty, and she has helped many Disney newbies and veterans have amazing trips with her insider information.

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