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So I thought I’d give an update on the whole singing thing over here.

I had sent my materials to a whole bunch of agents over here.  So far, I did get one “maybe” from an agent who will be back in the area on March 10th.  And I’m to resend my materials then to make sure they can hear me.  Otherwise, a lot of the other agents got back to me saying they weren’t hearing new singers.

But I had a coaching at the Staatsoper yesterday with a coach I had worked with when I was here two years ago.  She said I’m sounding great and wants to try to help me on the audition front.  She gave me a list of theatres to contact directly, so I’ve been looking up info on the list of theatre names she gave me and will have my stuff sent to all of them by tomorrow.  Then I have another coaching on Saturday where we’ll take stock of things and see what else we can come up with.  But she said she’s determined to help me get some auditions here!

So that’s the overall update.  I’m lucky in that I can practice in my apartment.  And even though I don’t have a piano or keyboard here, I have a piano app on my iPhone that helps me with my pitches and all that other good stuff!

More updates soon!

P.S. Update!

I have my first audition scheduled for Wednesday, March 7th in Germany!  More info coming later!

P.P.S Another update:

Audition number two scheduled for Saturday here in Vienna!

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