Skradin, Croatia

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During our July trip to Makarska, we took a fun day trip to Krka National Park and the town of Skradin, located near Sibenik.


After a lovely afternoon in Krka National Park, we drove a few minutes down the road to the charming little town of Skradin.  It’s literally right next to Krka, so it’s a great place to have dinner after a day of hiking and swimming in the waterfalls.  I’d even recommend it as a great overnight location for someone who wants to have a bit more time at Krka.

Although, to be honest, the main reason I wanted to visit this town was because we saw it from above on the highway, and it looked so beautiful that I told Milos we just had to go there.  Here’s a look at the view of Skradin from the rest stop up on the highway above.  (Great rest stop, by the way.  Excellent restaurant inside.)




We arrived in the evening and had dinner by the marina.  When we first got there, the town looked a bit small while walking along the water.  We thought that perhaps we wouldn’t get to see much. I was surprised at the sheer number of boats docked here, though – there were so many!  Our dinner was good, but we do hope we can come back again and try dinner somewhere else, especially once we saw how much more the town had to offer.

Here are a few photos from the marina and the restaurant

(click on photos to see full size version.)


After dinner, we decided to stroll into the town via one of the narrow pedestrian walkways.  We are SO glad we did!  There’s much more to this little town than meets the eye!  Skradin has an impressive little old town section with lots of cafes and shops, but it’s a bit hidden at first glance from the outside.  Before the sun went down, we hiked up to the fortress at the top of town.  It took less than ten minutes to get up there, and our reward was an amazing view of the town, surrounding waters, and mountains.

(click on photos to see full size version.)



We then walked back down to the pedestrian street with all the shops.  I happened to see a lovely dress on a mannequin outside one of the stores.  Milos also saw it and thought it would look really nice on me, so I tried it on – and success!  It looked great!  After making our purchase, we continued our walk until it started to get dark.  There were plenty of old buildings and interesting sites to keep us occupied.  When walking back, we made one more stop into that little shop so I could get some beautiful earrings I had seen. If you ever happen to visit, this shop is truly fantastic – dresses, jewelry, unique gifts – don’t miss it! Go inside!


It was starting to get late, and we still had to drive back, so we headed to the car and were on our way back to Makarska.

(For those driving into Skradin, there is a very convenient parking lot at the one side of town.  (Charges apply.)  The town is small and easily walkable, but like many of these old towns, be prepared for the cobblestone streets.)

Here are some more photos from Skradin.  Enjoy!


And here’s a pic of the new dress in action!

The new dress!
The new dress!


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