Spring, Love, and Weddings!

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I see it’s been awhile since my last blog post, so I thought I’d just check in and wish everyone a happy spring!  (Now let’s get some spring weather already!)

The most important news for May:

The final countdown is on – the big day is just weeks away!  Milos and I have almost everything ready for our wedding and are super excited for our special day!

Due to work right now, we’re having to do some stretches apart.  It’s a strong reminder of just how easy it was for us to get used to being together every single day for a very long time.  (We just really love being together – in personal and in work life.)  We are definitely the embodiment of the saying “The whole is greater than the sum of its parts.”  We each have a lot to offer as individuals, but we hit the ball out of the park when we’re working together.

I just read an article about a study that showed being away from your significant-other can cause real physical withdrawal symptoms.  (We could have told them that!)  But we’re grown-ups, and we’ve been through these kinds of challenges before.  We know that the reward is worth the effort and short-term sacrifices.  Milos and I get to talk everyday due to the awesomeness of modern technology, which helps with the whole *missing-eachother-terribly* part.  (We’ll be reunited five days before the wedding, later this month, and we CAN’T WAIT!)    <3

I’ll say this as a final thought… through all of our fantastic adventures, together and apart, I’m just constantly reminded of the wonderful life partner the universe has given me.  Someone whose love for me matches my own for him.  Someone who encourages me, and always reminds me of my value in every single way.  Someone who makes me smile and laugh and have fun.  Someone to be silly and goofy with.  I can’t think of any better qualities to have in a husband!   <3

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