Crikvenica, Croatia: A Sunset Walk to Kačjak Peninsula

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Jen at sunset on Kačjak peninsula, Crikvenica, Croatia

With the caroling season post-work all done for now, I’m back in Europe – in Croatia with Miloš!  

I arrived on Thursday, and got a wonderful surprise at the airport.

You see, Miloš had told me he wasn’t going to be able to pick me up at the airport because he had to stay in town to help his mom and get ready for my arrival.

Plus, he said that the car wasn’t allowed to drive out to that part of the country because it didn’t have winter tires. They do have strict laws here about driving in the winter with the wrong tires.

Anyway, it was no big deal ultimately, as I had done the bus option plenty of times.  It’s not complicated and goes straight to Crikvenica.

Well, when I had my layover in Munich (where, by the way, their airport improved their wifi – now you can get 24 hours free wifi as opposed to the previous 30 minutes), I tried calling Miloš to chat with him, but no answer…hmmmm…but I figured he was sleeping or something.

When I landed in Zagreb, I logged on to their free wifi (only 15 min – booo!) I called Miloš on Viber (free calling and messaging app) to let him know I had arrived. I told him I’d see him in a few hours, I grabbed my bags, and I headed to the exchange office to get some money switched.

While in line at the exchange office, I felt a tap on my shoulder. I just assumed I had dropped something and someone was trying to get my attention.

BUT – it was Miloš!  He TOTALLY surprised me!  

Turns out that he just needed to have tire chains in the car in case of getting pulled over – it was okay for him to be driving the car without winter tires. (Plus, the weather was well above freezing anyway.)

I screamed “Baby!” really loudly when I saw him and got a super awesome huge hug (We had gone over three weeks apart this time.)  🙂  What can I say – fantastic surprise!

Jen and Milos
Back again with Miloš!

Upon arrival in Crikvenica, we went straight to the apartment where his mom had already prepared dinner – homemade beef noodle soup and lasagna. Delicious as always!

This weekend, we went out in Rijeka on Friday night (great dinner at Spagho) and went to Maškare on Saturday night.

Today we took a long walk out to Kačjak, the peninsula above town, and back. We got some wonderful pics while out on our walk.  I thought I’d share them with you!

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