The post-show blues…

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Well, it’s been a week now since we ended our run of the Gilbert and Sullivan operetta, “Patience.” I had such a fabulous time singing the role of Patience! I wasn’t really sure how I felt about her in the very beginning. She has some dialogue that makes her come across as not especially smart. But the more I got into the character, the more I saw that she wasn’t stupid, she was just very naive to some of the things that go on in the world. Her naivete is a perfect trait to convey some fun comedic acting. It is very rare that I ever get to play a character who gets to be funny. Most of the ingenue roles are what can be called ‘straight characters’ – they pretty much just play it serious throughout the show. So I especially started enjoying the role when I realized I could really have fun with her – especially her interactions with the other characters. I finally got to play a part that got some laughs! So fun!

But even the really fun shows always come to an end. And we all scatter for the time being. Not only will I miss my show friends and family, but I will miss playing this really fun character in this really hilarious show. So I definitely got a dose of the post-show blues this past week. I was super emotional about everything and have just had an overall sad feeling.

But the quickest way to work through the post-show blues, is to throw yourself into something else. And sure enough, with caroling season getting underway, I will have no shortage of work to do. Add on top of that, I have my continued work on getting my audition arias in top form before I head to Europe in February.

One thing I can always say – I’m never bored!

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