Totally confused about choosing a video-recording option!

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On this summer’s Disney trip, I’m planning on doing something new.  I want to make short videos for my clients (and potential clients) to be able to watch to help them with all things Disney World.  Each clip will be a few minutes long and will contain helpful tips and information.  Not only am I hoping to get more clients this way, but I also just want to keep putting myself out there to show my expertise.

But there’s a problem we’re running into: how should we make these recordings?  The quickest/least expensive route is to just use the video feature on our regular digital camera.  The down side is that it will require lots of memory card space and battery life.  Plus, you can actually hear the zooming in and out on the video.

I’ve been looking at the Flip, which is being discontinued, but has been highly reviewed and is the best selling mini camcorder on the market.  I also heard they work really well with iMovie on Macs (which is super important, as we have a Mac.)   My mom has the Kodak Playsport, which she really likes and it gets good reviews.  But I haven’t been able to find anything definitive on how well it works with Mac programs.  Some people I guess are using iPhones or iPod Touches, but we don’t have those and I’ve heard the audio recording on them is still not as good as an actual camera.

So…if ANY of you have any insight into a good (but affordable) video recording option, I’d be so grateful!  And I can’t wait too long, as we go to Disney in June!  🙂

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4 thoughts on “Totally confused about choosing a video-recording option!”

  1. Jen, here’s is Videomaker’s most recent take on camcorders:

    Most of what is available these days is HD. And if you want a cam that will last a long time, that’s what you should get. Most of them also write to removable Flash memory cards.

    As far as Mac compatibility, I don’t think that will be a problem. Most current camcorders write to MPEG-4/H.264, which is handled by iMovie. Plus, you have a new computer. But to be safe, once you’ve decided on a model (or a few) just check online to see if you can find anyone complaining that it isn’t compatible with Macs. If a specific model isn’t, you should be able to find out pretty easily. Check the reviews at Amazon, Best Buy, and B&H Photo Video.

    I would get a dedicated video camera to do this if I were you, rather than using your still cam or an iPod. Video cameras are SO small these days!

    • Thanks Jenn. I think Brian is pushing for either just using our digital camera’s video feature or looking at a more expensive one that’s featured in the musician’s catalog we got. I’m kind of teetering between the Flip and the Kodak Playsport – both get great reviews. My mom has the Playsport and really likes it and it’s really not pricey at all.

  2. You may have thought of this already, but since your mom has that camcorder, borrow it and try it out. Shoot a short clip, import it to iMovie, edit it, upload it. Make sure it does everything you want. If it does, then you might as well just get that same model. Why make things more difficult than they have to be? 🙂

    Videomaker also has a Pocket and Mini Cams buyers guide on their site, which gives you some guidelines and things to keep in mind:

    I’d be more hesitant about getting the Flip, since it’s been discontinued.

  3. FYI – we decided on a Zoom Q3HD. It’s specifically made for musicians and records audio exceptionally well. This way we can use it to tape musical performances as well as regular video recording stuff.


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