Volosko, Croatia – Afternoon trip!

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Last week, we had a nice afternoon visit to the small town of Volosko.  It’s nestled at the top of the Adriatic Sea, between Rijeka and Opatija.  (It’s technically considered part of greater Opatija.)

I’ll be honest, our day trip was due to needing a windshield replacement at an auto shop located a 15-minute walk from Volosko.  We dropped the car off a little before 12:00noon and headed towards town.  It was a cloudy day, but the walk was picturesque and peaceful.

Being that it was still the off-season (end of March), the town was quiet and calm.  There looked to be some people making repairs and prepping for the arrival of the tourist season, but otherwise not much was going on.  We had about four hours to kill, so we started exploring right away.

There’s a lovely little marina in the center.

From the marina, you could look far across the water over to the city of Rijeka.  Rijeka is the major port town at the top of the Adriatic Sea.

One of the nicest discoveries in Volosko was the Lungo Mare: a long walkway that stretched down the coastline – all the way through town and into Opatija proper. It allowed for amazing views and quaint stoney tableaus.

I think it’s better if I just show you with photos!

We thought we’d make our way further into town – up towards the church – before heading to lunch.  Like so many towns in Croatia, we took a narrow little lane to make our way slightly inland.  We saw some lovely artwork featuring the town AND cats!  (If you know me, you know I love cats!) And we even met a couple cats!

Once up at the church, we found more cats!  Of course, I had to see if they were friendly!

By now, we were getting hungry and headed to lunch.  The first place we tried still wasn’t open for the season, so we made our way back down to the marina, and we’re so glad we did!  We wandered in to Plavi Podrum (translated: Blue Cellar), and had a fantastic meal!  We highly recommend this restaurant if you’re in town.

Their outdoor terrace was still closed for the off-season, so we were seated in their enclosed patio dining room.  The room was completely walled in windows, so there was a great view of the marina and the sea beyond.

Service was top of the line: attentive, friendly, and personable.  Our food was delicious.  Such a fantastic meal!  The wine was so tasty, that we each had a second glass.  We had a nice cheese plate to start, and then for our entrees, Milos had grilled squid, and I had a pasta dish with truffles, scampi, shrimp, and peaches.  (Yes, peaches!  The flavors really worked!)

After lunch, we made our way to the main road and started heading back to the auto shop to pick up the car.  The views on the way back were just as nice as on the way there.

All in all, Volosko was worth the visit.  I would return just to stroll along the Lungo Mare again, and to have another meal at Plavi Podrum!  Good thing for us, it’s just a 40-minute drive away!  You don’t always have to go far to find places worth exploring.

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