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Ah, alas… nearing the end of the countdown always seems to feel the longest!

We’re finally into July, and I’m letting myself start to get really excited about heading overseas.  Before the month is through, I’ll be with my handsome man along the lovely Adriatic coast of Croatia.

🙂 🙂 🙂

In the meantime, I’m trying to keep myself busy.

Our family is doing our 4th of July picnic on Saturday actually, so today was pretty uneventful.  I can actually hear the fireworks going off right now from the direction of town – just south of here and a few fields beyond the woods. However, here in the Graf-house, we’re keeping it a chill kind of night.  When the 4th falls on a weekend and we have the big picnic on the actual holiday, we’ve sometimes gone in to town, a few of us, to watch the fireworks.  But tonight it’s just me and my parents – and they don’t really go out in the evening – and I didn’t feel like heading out alone into the large crowds by Memorial Park.

Today, I got some work done in the morning for clients, Facebook-chatted with Miloš a little bit, did a WHOLE bunch of lawn mowing (from all that rain!), and then got to video chat with Miloš for some time while he was out in a location with good wifi.  When we got off the phone, it might have been night time for him, but here we still had a good amount of daylight, so I headed out to cool off in the pond while working on my tan.

This evening after dinner, I was working on some research for a post for my travel agency’s blog.  The article requires lots of information gathering, so writing THIS here little post is my means of a mental break/distraction from the subject of the article.

As I started to say in the beginning of this entry, I feel like the countdown is getting so much smaller, but at the same time it’s not……..quite……here. 

However, just over three weeks is SO much better than the three and a half months that stood between us when I last saw Miloš in Paris.  (Damn, just thinking about that day – all the crying I did in those early morning hours when we had to say good bye – and the horrible headache I had at Disneyland Paris the rest of that day because of it.  Good-byes suck. Who the hell ever came up with the term “good” bye?  ‘Cause it’s not good at all.)

Anyway, I digress… back to the ever shrinking countdown…

Those who know me or read my blog regularly know that I love clothes.  (Having had a part time job in a clothing store for four and half years will make any fashion-loving girl into a fashion-obsessed girl!)  I have been setting aside some of my favorite dresses for quite some time now.  But recently, I’ve pulled out the actual suitcase and started the real packing.  I know some people hate it, but damn, I love planning out my outfits and packing for a trip!  (I also think some of it might be slightly hereditary, as just yesterday, my mom was showing me all the clothes that she had set aside for the family portion of the overseas trip.  She’s an O.R. nurse, so she doesn’t get to do the whole fun fashion thing on a regular basis (since her daily work attire is hospital scrubs.)  As a result, vacation is the time to have fun and enjoy some fun clothes!)  Then again, it could just be a girl thing!

Just like my mom, I also have a section in my closet to hang up my trip outfits.


I’m pretty active on Pinterest, and there are Pins out there for every topic – recipes, cute little animals, travel, clothes, even long distance relationship quotes.

I found this Pin a little while ago amongst the various quotes, and even reposted it to my FB, ’cause it was spot on….

Yup - that's the truth!
Yup – that’s the truth!

As if I don’t plan my clothes out enough already for such a trip, what to wear for that first outfit of seeing each other again – after months of being apart – is a big decision to make!  (Again, this is also a girl thing!)

(And yes, yes, we technically see each other on video calls, but it’s NOT the same at all.)

I need to wear something that makes me look amazing.  I want Miloš to see me – and I want to just take his breath away, ’cause I know when I see him smiling back at me, that’s how I’ll be feeling.  ♥ ♥ ♥

BUT what I wear has to also be super comfortable – to wear on the plane AND for a few hours in the airport, as my flight will beat his there by a good chunk of time – and I’ll be hanging out waiting for him.  After hemming and hawing over this decision, I finally made my choice.  Well, I WAS going to go with that black maxi dress from last year…. (I wore it when I arrived in Croatia last summer, and he really loved it, as did I – super comfy and really flattering)…

Here’s a reminder pic of the black maxi dress from last summer – although the detailing in the bodice just doesn’t show up in the pic…

Waiting for the Barka boat, with Restaurant Kornat in the background across the water.
Jen & Miloš – Waiting for the Barka boat, with Restaurant Kornat in the background across the water.

The black maxi dress IS coming with on the trip, but I won’t be wearing it when I see Miloš at the airport.

Fortunately, the winner for “first outfit” is pretty awesome.  One of those dresses that when you come out of your individual dressing room at the store, everyone else in the fitting room area compliments you on how great the dress looks on you.  And you KNOW that it must be yours!  (*evil laughter*)

Haha!  😉

I picked up the new dress just a little while ago for a steal at Ross!  (LOVE Ross!  Such great deals!)   And don’t worry – I’ll post pics of it for my readers!  (Here’s a hint – it’s also a maxi dress…)  As to my other clothes coming with on the trip – lots of the same dresses as last year with a few new ones thrown in.  My sister got a dress at an event that didn’t fit her so she gave it to me – excited to wear that out for the first time – it’s a fun fitted sexy night-time dress.  I also decided it was time to break out the short, pretty, feminine dress that I wore on the front cover of my last CD.  I got it for the photo shoot, then never wore it again.  It’s the palest shade of blush – almost white, but not quite.  It should look great with my summer tan.


But yeah, like I said, now I’m just…… waiting.  Since it’s summer, I have a few clients traveling each of these summer months – mostly Disney/Universal clients.  So I’ve had some of their stuff to keep me busy.  Plus doing some advance planning work for Christmas caroling season later this year.  (Yup – gotta get into gear during the summer when you have a holiday entertainment business.)  And the blog project for my agency provides me with research time for a bit each day.  Plus, living in the country gives me a decent amount of chores to work on outside.

And I’m also working on my self.  Just recently, I’ve been reading a bit more about people who are more emotionally sensitive, and I’m realizing I really fall into this category.  I actually wrote a blog entry on it, but it’s quite personal, so I’m just not ready to share it yet.  Let’s just say that I’m learning more about how I myself process emotions in a way that might be a bit different than the average person.  As a result, this learning process is helping me to understand things in a way so that I don’t take everything so personally.  And I’m learning about why I react the way I do in certain situations.  (Especially because of my rocky past – which only makes my problem worse – because emotionally sensitive people can have triggers that take them back to traumatic events, and they feel the pain just as vividly as when the event actually happened – even years later.  This is so true for me.)  But overall, it’s helping me to turn around that negative voice in my head that sometimes tries to take over.  And when I can shut that negative voice out, I feel like the normal happy Jen that I’m supposed to be!   I’ll let you know how things are going!




So in the meantime – does anyone have any advice on how to make the time go faster?  I’m already über cheesy, so I thought I’d one-up myself and print out a July calendar – so I can cross the days off advent-style.  Maybe even draw a little heart on the finish day.  (Yes, I really am that much of a dork.  And no, it doesn’t bother me one bit.)   😀

Well, ’til next time, dear readers.  I hope your summers are going splendidly, and that you all also have wonderful things to count down to! ♥

By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea.... ♪ ♫♩
By the sea, by the sea, by the beautiful sea…. ♪ ♫♩
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