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So it hit me today: we start tech week for “Oklahoma!” next week!  How did that time go by so fast??  It feels like we just had our first rehearsal!  But the show is really coming along.  We’re in that stage where things are starting to fit together really well, but there’s still those rusty spots that just aren’t there yet.  This is the roller coaster ride part that I love so much.  Perhaps I’m a little crazy, but it’s kind of exciting getting to that final stretch before opening night.  Then when you step out on stage in front of your first audience of the run, and that adrenaline hits you – it’s like the drop in Tower of Terror!  (Yes, a ride at Disney.)  A bit scary, but oh-so-thrilling!


Speaking of time going by so quickly – I’m beginning to understand that that’s a feeling you kind of have most of the time as you get older.  I remember doing this show for the first time in high school.  It really doesn’t feel that long ago, but *sigh*, it really is.  I’m at the point where I’ve been in over thirty productions of operetta, opera, and musical theatre.  That’s not even counting ANY of the oratorio or concert work I’ve done.  I look in the mirror and really don’t feel any older, but the calendar of my life certainly says differently.  I’m very happy with all the wonderful music and characters I’ve gotten to inhabit during my years so far, and I really hope that even better experiences are on their way!  🙂


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