You can’t be perfect all the time.

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So I had an audition yesterday.  It went alright, but it wasn’t my best.

These kinds of situations always leave me a bit confused.  I have certain audition rep that I know backwards and forwards, inside and out.  And I’ve always had great luck with this particular piece at musical theatre auditions.

So why do I feel so blah about my audition yesterday?

I guess I sang alright.  The woman at the table was very complimentary.  And at this level in the business, no one sucks.  (Well, almost no one.)  I certainly didn’t suck, but I just didn’t feel the connection.

So I’m left trying to figure out what “went wrong” this time to avoid it in the future.  I felt good and warmed up getting to the audition location.  I knew my music very well – have been doing this piece for years.

And I’m thinking that my energy was down.  After singing in front of people SO many times, the nerves do start to go away.  Even in auditions.  I don’t get the nervous jitters anymore.  But I am a high energy person and I like to keep moving before I sing.  I am NOT one of those singers that can sit still for long periods of time before singing – my energy goes away completely.  And I think that’s what happened yesterday.  I got to the audition site plenty early, and they were running a little late.  So I sat in a seat quietly for over 45 minutes.  I should have known better.  I KNOW me!  Love it or hate it, I’m that singer at auditions who likes to chit chat and make new friends before going into the audition room.  I’ve found this is much easier in MT (musical theatre) auditions, as they tend to be more laid back.  (Although the waiting area yesterday was strangely quiet for a MT audition.)  Opera auditions are much more serious beforehand.  (Which, again, I terribly dislike.   I just can’t sit there in concentration and then be able to be all energetic when singing.)

So I’m reminded to keep moving before an audition, not be afraid to chit chat, and have a great time.  Nothing like learning a real life lesson in the field – those are the kinds that stick with you the most!

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