Kačjak Peninsula in Crikvenica, Croatia: Nature by the Sea

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Kačjak - Our favorite cove in Crikvenica

Vacation may be over, but we still have all our new memories and photos to remind us of how wonderful it was.

One of the enjoyable aspects of going to the beach at our favorite cove in Miloš’ town of Crikvenica, was observing nature doing its thing all around us.

For those not familiar with my blog, our favorite cove is pictured above. It’s one of the nude beach areas on the peninsula above town, called Kačjak.

Many of you will remember that I’ve posted about it before as one of our fave spots – which is why Miloš chose it to be the place where he proposed to me.

We always spread a towel out on that mini-rock island in the water.

We decided to have fun and rename the rocky island “Crab’s Landing,” as we saw SO many crabs out and about eating and exploring as the day waned and the sun got lower in the sky.  

Crab shell
Crab shell

Of course, some just didn’t show up on camera, as the lighting and angles weren’t always ideal. And of course there was the time when we saw two crabs having an epic battle, only to stop as soon as I got my phone out to take a pic.  

Crabs!  Can you spot them all?
Crabs! Can you spot them all?

But I did capture quite a few, including a lucky crab that caught a fish when the school swam by.

This crab caught a fish!
This crab caught a fish!

There was even one crab that decided to dine on the callus on my heel as I sat there.

What’s so interesting is how they blend in so well with the colors and surroundings around them. When they’re not moving, you sometimes don’t even see them.


And on several of the days, there were large schools of little fish swimming all around us.

And of course, I’d be remiss if I didn’t throw in another pic of the water and surroundings…

The sun going down - view from our favorite spot
The sun going down – view from our favorite spot.

I love being surrounded by nature in all its beauty – the life, the colors, the energy.  Next time you’re out and about, take a closer look at the world around you – don’t miss all of its amazing details!

Beautiful water
Beautiful water

Until next time, when I’ll share with you our evening in the charming town of Skradin, Croatia.

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