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Vienna, My City of Dreams!

Yes, that title is a play on words with the famous song!  (And for those who don’t know the song, go Google or Youtube it!) So today I got out and about some more.  I had tea with a lovely ... [Read more]

Around Vienna…

Today I wanted to do some things to get ready to leave for my audition.  I’m heading out tomorrow for Bad Homburg (near Frankfurt), and wanted to make sure I had the exact right schedule information.   So after going to ... [Read more]

More Viennese nightlife

With another weekend now passed, I thought I’d give some insight into more of what Vienna has to offer the night owls out there. As I said in a previous post, I was joined by my very good friend Milos ... [Read more]


I had a friend visiting for the past week (*edited to add: for my regular readers, this was when Milos visited me in Vienna for the first time.  It was just the beginning of our amazing fairy tale romance), and ... [Read more]

My neighborhood in Vienna

Hi everyone!  I thought I’d post a little bit about where I’m living here in Vienna.  You all got to see the inside of my apartment, but here’s a look at the area outside. I’m living in the second district, ... [Read more]

My impressions of Viennese night life so far….

So I went out the last two nights to start getting a feel for what kind of fun Vienna had to offer at night.  I tried out two different clubs and had two very different experiences. Since I’m a nerd, ... [Read more]

Seeking my family history in Austria (From 3/13/10)

As many of you know, I am visiting Austria for some coachings at the Staatsoper, but have had some time to do some exploring and sight-seeing. My cousin Rachel has been with me for this first half of the trip ... [Read more]

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